Sociologia Timpului

Curs opțional (Anul III) – Facultatea de Sociologie și Asistență Socială, Universitatea din București

Seminar 9

Texte propuse spre lectură

– Lecturi obligatorii:

  1. Wright, Scott. 2016. “‘Success’ and Online Political Participation: The Case of Downing Street E-Petitions.” Information, Communication & Society 19(6):843–57.

– Lecturi suplimentare:

  1. Hassan, Robert. 2003. “Network Time and the New Knowledge Epoch.” Time & Society 12(2–3):225–241.
  2. Hassan, Robert. 2009. Empires of Speed: Time and the Acceleration of Politics and Society. Leiden și Boston: Brill.
  3. Preda, Marian. 2013. “Time Capital and Social Gravity: Two New Concepts for Sociology of Time.” In Body and Time: Bodily Rhythms and Social Synchronism in the Digital Media Society, Editori: Bianca Pirani și Thomas Smith, 22–40. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.